Talia connects her passions to community needs

Talia Aaron makes her bat mitzvah celebration extra meaningful by committing to tzedakah and tikkun olam

Talia with some of the dance costume donations

For her bat mitzvah, Talia Aaron wanted to share her favourite things with those less fortunate. So, following in the footsteps of older brother, Noah, Talia established a Tzedakah Fund at the Jewish Foundation through the B’nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy program as a way to give back. She collected donations in lieu of gifts for herself and was incredibly humbled by the generosity of her guests. Through her fund she will make two meaningful donations this year: the first to continue the dance program in Bat Yam, the second to the scholarship fund at Camp Ramah.

One of Talia’s hobbies is dance. She dances all the time and loves the physicality and the positive energy it fosters among the group. In addition to funding the dance program, Talia had an idea. With old dance performance costumes collecting dust in the basement, she set up a collection box at her dance studio and asked her peers to donate their gently used costumes which will go to those less fortunate. The dance program in Bat Yam, Israel, is relatively new, started years ago by other B’nai Tzedek members celebrating their bat mitzvahs, who were looking to connect their love of dance and Israel. Talia saw this opportunity and is planning to help support the ongoing efforts of the dance program, ensuring it continues to run and that girls her age can continue to progress and hone their dance skills.

Talia loves spending her summers at Camp Ramah. She hopes to assist in allowing as many kids as possible to experience all that this camp has to offer. Camp builds self esteem and offers a sense of community to people of all backgrounds.

Talia’s bat mitzvah celebration kicked off with a well practiced and recited torah reading that Talia learned with the help of her dad, Les. The celebration continued with weekend activities for family and friends, as well as a family trip.

We look forward to Talia’s ongoing charitable ways that she learned both at school and from the example set by her family.

Up-close & personal with Talia

B’nai Tzedek: What inspired you to incorporate tzedakah into your bat mitzvah?
Talia Aaron: I want to let others enjoy all the things that I do.

BT: Where did you learn about tzedakah?
TA: I learned about tzedakah first at school and further from my parents and grandparents.

How did you decide on your causes?
TA: I have decided to share my favourite things with those less fortunate. It makes it extra special.

BT: What was the response from the dance studio community when you started collecting dance costumes?
TA: The response was very good - everybody was quick to get involved and donate for a great cause.