Bailey Raises the Bar for her Bat Mitzvah


Bailey together with her parents, grandparents, and extended family
celebrating her charitable gift

By Jody Kamen-- In honour of her Bat Mitzvah, 12-year-old Bailey Tarder-Kadaner chose to support an extra-curricular gymnastics program for youth in Bat Yam, Israel, through the B’nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy program at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto. Bat Yam is home to a large Ethiopian-Israeli community in Israel, standing to be one of the most vulnerable segments of the population. Extra-curricular programs, which enable youth to develop talents and form an integral part of a well-rounded education, are beyond the means of most Ethiopian-Israelis. Bailey knew she wanted to offer youth her age in Israel the chance to explore their interests and build self confidence.

 “She had options, she could have chosen from a wide variety of projects or programs to support, explains proud mom, Mandy, “but she wanted to do something with gymnastics because it has given her so much”. Bailey understands how fortunate she is to practice gymnastics, a sport she loves.

Bailey learned about tzedakah at Robbins Hebrew Academy, which was reinforced as her friends chose to incorporate a charitable component as part of their bat mitzvah celebrations. She also learned about tzedakah from her parents and grandparents, who demonstrated their commitment to Bailey’s project by matching her gift. Leveraging the gifts will allow even more girls to participate in the extra-curricular program, creating an even greater impact. Bailey and her family have plans to visit Israel this August where they will visit Bat Yam and see the gymnastics program in action.

Mazel Tov Bailey on your gift of tzedakah and demonstration of commitment to tikkun olam.