Alumni Update: Andrew Richler

Andrew Richler, who joined B’nai Tzedek at the request of his parents in 2005 as a young teen approaching his bar mitzvah, has made the act of giving a part of his everyday life. 

Andrew Richler 2005

“I recognized that I was fortunate enough to be able to help others, and that was enough to push me to assist those in need.”

Andrew became actively involved in the B’nai Tzedek program, both with donating the money from his fund to causes he cared about and by donating his time to organizations in the community and eventually to lead his fellow teens as chair of the program.

“Today, I try to stay as involved in the community as I can,” says Andrew, who is a leader on campus at Carleton University where he is studying architecture. He has been involved with Hillel on campus, both as a board member for Carleton University and as Ottawa Citywide Vice-President, and has participated actively on the Israel Awareness Committee during Israel Awareness Week, as a strong voice against anti-Israel rhetoric on campus.

“B’nai Tzedek has enabled me to truly appreciate what I have, and try to help others that are less fortunate. I’ve discovered that there are many different ways one can give – some ways being monetarily, other ways being with time, patience, and love. B’nai Tzedek has opened my eyes to how important tzedakah really is.”

Over the years, Andrew has supported a number of causes that are near and dear to his heart. He describes his method of choosing what to support each year by evaluating what is going on in his life. For example, he said, “When I was attending overnight summer camp, I gave to organizations that would send underprivileged children to camp. After participating on the March of the Living, I gave to programs that support Holocaust Survivors living in Toronto. When my grandmother developed Alzheimer’s disease – I supported research in finding a cure.”

andrew Richler now

Andrew is considered a graduate of the B’nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy program, and as an adult, now has a charitable fund at the Jewish Foundation. He will continue to make distributions from his fund every year and to be a leader in the community.