You’re never too young for tzedakah

In a world full of negative stories about today’s teens, it’s heart-warming to hear about one Toronto youngster intent on doing what he can to help those less fortunate.

That youngster is David Gasch who, in May of 2007, celebrated his Bar Mitzvah. With the help of his grandparents, Sam and Beverley Cohen, David made a decision that is helping disadvantaged youth in northern Israel lead a better life.

“My wife and I asked David what he was planning on doing with his Bar Mitzvah money,” recalls the proud zadie. “He told us that he wanted to share it in a special way and to do some good with it. He wanted that good to take place in Israel. So, that’s what he did.”

Sam took his grandson to the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto where David was educated about a number of worthy initiatives including the Renanim School in Kiryat Shmona.

The Renanim School was established 45 years ago in northern Israel to serve that region’s special-needs students. On November 16, 2006, a missile hit the school causing much destruction.

Thanks to the selfless vision and compassion exhibited by David and others, the school is rebuilding, and will be stronger and better equipped than before.

“As soon as David heard that the Renanim School was in the north and that it would help disadvantaged kids, he was sold,” says Sam. “That is nachas from a grandchild that we all wish for.”