An Interview with Jonathan Bernstein

Jonathan Bernstein

Jonathan Bernstein

13-year-old Jonathan Bernstein made a donation in honour of his grandfather for his bar mitzvah.

What inspired you to incorporate tzedakah into your Bar Mitzvah?
“A few of my friends were doing different projects for their Bar Mitzvahs, so I wanted to find something that would be appropriate and meaningful to me.”

How did you hear about B’nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy?
“My mom heard about B’nai Tzedek, so we looked it up online. My grandfather was very involved with UJA – he started the first Walk with Israel.”

Where did you learn about Tzedakah?
“In Hebrew school we always learned about the importance of giving, that you should give to someone who needs it more than you do.”

What would you say to others your age about getting involved?
“It feels really good to give and to help other people. Everyone should do it.”